onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Before the eyes of storytelling girls

I'm dedicating today's post to the childhood, accompagné par Anais Mitchel and her beautiful song Before the eyes of storytelling girls. 

In my sunday post I told you that I had been out riding my bicycle through places that belonged to my past. The house I grew up in, The tree that I used to climp up in when I needed to all by myself with my thoughts, The yellow fields beyond the forest where I went flowerpicking and - this magical place (referring to the photos). A place called Saxebäcken, right next to the towns' biggest lake where old oaktrees and soft moss look and feel the same as they did 15 years ago when I was a child.
I felt both nostalgic and peaceful when I went back there the following day with my friend Sofie to do a photoshoot. I wanted to get the feeling of a lost childhood in these photos. 

Can you feel it? 
What is your most precious childhood memory?

        If we count to ten the sky might turn blue.

                                                            A place lost in my memory.

                                                              When sun touches ground.


                                         Like the seconds passes by, i loose track of time

Tender hearts

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