fredag 31 augusti 2012

Hello Goodbye

picture via Alice Gao Pinterest

Hi lovely ones,

I'm just passing by to tell you that I won't be blogging for a while because clumsy, as some might say that I am, I spilled coffee on my entire computer keyboard... and now it's completely dead. I'm trying not to fall into depression and going to use this time enjoying Paris, talking alot of pictures and start saving up for a new mac. (So see you in two years... hehe)
De toute facon je savais que j'étais plus thé que café...

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måndag 20 augusti 2012

Au rendez-vous des amis

pictures by Miguel Cianca  (click to see more of this work)

This was a very special day in my life. I met Miguel in a bar called "au rendez-vous des amis" in Montmartre. One of the best ones if you ask me. I was having tea and he was taking pictures of the guests. (Then he would print them and cover the bar's walls with them). I saw his pictures and wanted him to help me take some portraits of me for the flowershop project. He accepted directly and said that he was free the next day.
So the following morning we met up infront of the bar. It was the first of may and I wore a lily of the valley crown. The streets were still empty and sleepy and the session went very well. On our way back we stopped by au rendez vous des amis for a morning coffee where we also had a nice chat with this nice, old man. (referring to the picture above)
I never really got to use the pictures, so tonight they are all yours. hihi.

I think the bar has changed owner and interior since then. but here is the address if you want to check it out for yourself!

Au Rendez-vous des amis
23 Rue Gabrielle 75018 Paris
01 46 06 01 60

fredag 17 augusti 2012

À Paris il faut oser

À Paris il faut oser.

Yes. I just read somewhere on the internet that to make it in Paris you have to dare, take chances, not thinking too much and follow your heart. And I find that so true. If you feel like you're standing still in this never resting city, keep this in mind - À Paris il faut oser. 
Any way, I'm feeling confident and happy today. The weather is perfect and this morning I went swimming in a beautiful public pool not far from where I live. 

The pictures were taken yesterday from my lunch at Coutume. An absolute gorgeous space with a very nice lunch menu. (meals from 4.90 - 13 Euros) 
I had a tomato quiche with a ruccula salade and parmesan, a mango smoothie (divine) and a large cappu for about 16 Euros. Thanks to Amanda for the tip!
After lunch I decided to walk a bit and found out that I was just next to the eiffel tour. It's funny when walking in Paris you discover that the city isn't that big after all. I also passed by le musée de l'armée and got a free ticket (since I'm under 26) and sat down in one of the buildings admiring the great architecture.

 47 rue de babylone
 75007 Paris
 metro: 13, St Francois Xavier


torsdag 16 augusti 2012

dear, old paris


I have now been back for 24 hours. I've had breakfast "à la francaise", I've watched docomentaires from the Paris in the 20's and I've gone through all my pictures from the last four years. Guess what I found? I found a collage of pictures from my dear, OLD paris. When I was living the bohemien busking life, and stayed in the tiniest apartment in Mont Martre and had a balcony overviewing sacré coeur and red rooftops.
Today is the beginning of part 2 of my Parisian life. I'm very much looking forward to every part of it. Starting out with visiting a café called Coutume that my friend Amanda (click to visit her blog) recommended! I'll be back with pictures.


onsdag 15 augusti 2012

trajet direct

On my way back to Paris. again. I'm wondering how many times I've gone back and forth now. At least twenty times. It actually feels pretty strange. Eating breakfast in our swedish garden and dinner at some parisian bistro.
So what are my plans for this autumn?

I'll tell you when I've figured it out.


tisdag 7 augusti 2012



I've fallen inlove with Instagram. Well, this relationship has been going on for a while now... and as I sat and looked through all the pictures I've posted on Instagram this past year I thought - why not share them on the flowershop blog as well?
So, these photos are memories from important moments of this year. I'm feeling rather nostalgic looking back because I've learnt so much about myself, about decoration, photography and art but also about my own country. I can honestly say that I have come to appreciete Sweden much more due to the fact that I've moved back to study. I've also met so many lovely and inspiring women who continue to inspire me in my every day life. so tack Leksand!

Moments and things that make my heart beat a little faster

     (old cars, my typewriter, chocolate cake and roses, Tjörn)

(Photoshoot with Julia, Parisian cafés - postcards and café crème, flower wallpaper and peonies)

(Wedding fair at Molnbyggens strand, fika, spring anemones, Kicki's beautiful summer house in Leksand with my dear friends)

(Wodden houses and rose gardens, still life photography, "pyssel" and my lovely room at my parents house)

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söndag 5 augusti 2012

Lazy days

Hello. Today I'm posting the pictures from our vacation in Bretagne. I had a lovely time, meeting F's family, eating good food and walking along the mile long beach at Pornichet. Now I'm back in Sweden for a friends' wedding and F's in Geneve playing with his trio.

Hope you're fine,