tisdag 7 augusti 2012



I've fallen inlove with Instagram. Well, this relationship has been going on for a while now... and as I sat and looked through all the pictures I've posted on Instagram this past year I thought - why not share them on the flowershop blog as well?
So, these photos are memories from important moments of this year. I'm feeling rather nostalgic looking back because I've learnt so much about myself, about decoration, photography and art but also about my own country. I can honestly say that I have come to appreciete Sweden much more due to the fact that I've moved back to study. I've also met so many lovely and inspiring women who continue to inspire me in my every day life. so tack Leksand!

Moments and things that make my heart beat a little faster

     (old cars, my typewriter, chocolate cake and roses, Tjörn)

(Photoshoot with Julia, Parisian cafés - postcards and café crème, flower wallpaper and peonies)

(Wedding fair at Molnbyggens strand, fika, spring anemones, Kicki's beautiful summer house in Leksand with my dear friends)

(Wodden houses and rose gardens, still life photography, "pyssel" and my lovely room at my parents house)

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5 kommentarer:

  1. vad använder du för kamera för att få så gött ljus?

  2. Hej Cissi! De här bilderna är tagna med Iphonekameran och redigerade i Instagram. Annars har jag en Canon Eos 500d med olika objektiv - mitt favorit är ett fast 50 från Canon. Ha det gott, Kramar

  3. sååå fint, jag älskar dina bilder & dig såklart!!<3

  4. oh tack min fina julia! kan vi ses på söndag?

  5. helena thrysen11 augusti 2012 09:49

    det ser ut som du har det bra emma-klara, hoppas verkligen det ! Så fina bilder du tagit också i sommar! kram