söndag 29 januari 2012


Here comes my second favorite from the formex fair. This is Danish interior design at its very best according to me. I actually noticed that almost all the fair booths I stopped to watch were Danish!  amazing neighbors... Any way this is Hübsch. 

4 styling ideas from Hûbsch:
-Yellow and black details (love it)
-Wodden bracelets
-Buddha statues
-Vintage frames

Hope you like it!
Bonne soirée,


lördag 28 januari 2012


Hello to you all this saturday evening. I've had a great day together with Hanna and Jessica today. We went to tällberg for afternoon tea served with scones, home made jam and lemoncurd. We sat there for hours just talking, reading interior magazines, drinking far too many cups of tea. (or is that possible?)

As I told you a couple of days ago, we went to the Formex Fair in Stockholm last week-end. I thought I'd share with you my personal favorites, starting up with a collage of pictures from the stylist agancy Stylistgruppen's fair booth.

I don't think I'll ever grow sick of design inspired by nature. You can easily create a calme and beautiful space just by adding living plants in small vases, and a few hand picked items you really love. Do not over do it, keep it simple.

4 lovely things from the Stylistgroup:
- White painted stones with printed butterflies
- (Not new, but still beautiful.) Make wall art out of your favorite books
- Business cards on Paper label tags
- Decorative porcelain birds 

I'll soon be back with more inspiration from the Formex fair,


söndag 22 januari 2012

I see your true colors

Good evening friends, I hope you've had a lovely week-end. I've been spending mine in Stockholm with my uncle's family and at the FORMEX fair.
For you who don't know : "Formex is the largest interior design fair for nordic design, 850 exhibitors and with 25 000 national and international visitors."

My class had the opportunity to visit this huge event,  and it was very inspiring! I'll be back with pictures - a lot of pictures. I also got to spend such a great time with my family who I don't get to see that often so thanks guys!

Today I'm posting a picture of my Parisian friend Léa. I love her winter style - Suede coat, multi colored scarf with fur, blue leather gloves and a red hand bag. Gorgeous!

Have a great week, drink a lot of tea
and see you soon

oh my flowershop

tisdag 17 januari 2012


Let me introduce you to Candy Miller, the owner of the beautiful boutique Paperdolls on 5 rue Houdon, Montmartre in Paris. The English native Candy has a history in marketing and communication, but her interest for fashion and creative clothing and accessories made her take the step to open her own shop.

The vision is to provide women with original and beautiful pieces made by young designers and at the same time offer a pleasant and inspiring shopping experience. The shop is divided into five "rooms" - The bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the office and the living room, all nicely decorated with old furniture, wall paper and details that draw your attention, and of course filled with women's wear only to die for!
Candy worked with Solène Héry from the architecture firm Avous, and with Anaïs Van Den Bussche, décoratrice de cinema, to get the place to look exactly as she visioned it - welcoming and original.

As a visual merchandiser student I was fascinated by all the clever and good looking ways of exposing  items. Here for instance, an old metal locker serves as wardrobe, and the sewing machine as well as the large letters give it all the nice industrial feeling that I'm so fond of.

 If it wasn't the chair hanging upside down from the ceiling, nor the bathtub rearranged as a sofa, and not the golden hand mirrors attached to the walls that I first lay my eyes on, it must have been all these amazing old traveling bags stacked on a shelf. They made me associate to an other era, and this feeling sticked with me trough out the whole shop. Just look at this make-up table dressed up with jewelry, isn't it dreamy?

Candy works with designers like Albert-Alberta, Betty Gabrielle et Ellips. Visit the Paperdoll website to learn more about the concept and the featured designers and if you're in the area do not miss out on Paris's only boutique appartement!