onsdag 28 mars 2012

music is healing

I've been keeping quiet for a whole day now
'Cause my talking isn't doing any good for anyone
So I sit here in my closet
making up songs in my head

To bring some light to this planet
for those moments when you want to give up
How could I help all these lonely people?
If I sing, could I bring
some joy to this world?

I'm throwing in the fire, all that was me
before when I was a sinner
I could hold your hand and walk towards the light
if you'd only help to

Bring some light to this planet
for those moments when you want to give up
How could I help all these lonely people
If I sing, could I bring
some joy to this world?

I've been writing love words on an old receipt
thinking that would make the joy complete
but I'd rather write a love song
for you all to sing along

To bring some light to this planet
for those moments when we want to give up
How could we help all these lonely people
If we sing, could we bring
some joy to this world.

text: emma-klara

måndag 26 mars 2012

Paris in The 20's.

Beautiful Parisian ladies. wonderful. Watch Woody Allen's film, Midnight in Paris. also wonderful.

via:Lyla & Blu

söndag 25 mars 2012

For years to come

Love a pale colors. Inspiring day. photos by myself.

Waffle Day

Happy official waffle day!

Give your ears a treat: What a lovely way  -  Doris

Hanna and I took some pictures down by the lake today. great success. I love her dreamy expressions. the light and... my fake flowers. (Ever since Julia Alderin showed me hers, I've slowly fallen in love with them. So my pink (fake) roses assisted me at today's shooting)
After spending some time in the sun with my dearest, we went back to the house where Hanna's mother was making waffles. with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

Last week in school we finished our windows in the local stores in Leksand, and they turned out really well. It's funny to see the progress we all have made.
This week will be all about our mini fair booths that we've been working on for some weeks now. The presentation will be quite serious with invited teachers and so on. I'll try posting some pictures from that event. If I forget follow me on Instagram - Oaklara, where I share more of what we're doing in school, and my side projects.

Next Wednesday I'll take the train home to my sweet family to celebrate Easter. I feel like I haven't been home for decade... so it's going to be really good coming home before leaving for my three weeks of internship in Paris!

Enjoy every day of spring,

Much love

onsdag 14 mars 2012

Bref, j'ai fait une scene ouverte

 photos: Cyrille Weiner

These pictures were taken two years ago, at an open mike, somewhere in Paris. I don't remember where, because it took me a year to learn the Parisian subway stations. But it was a great evening. 
People who attended to this event were: a room mate, a boyfriend with a quiet companion, a cat, a photographer, and a bunch of frenchies. They sang along, drank wine - got drunk. I played, drank sirop à la violette, smiled and went home.
-Bref j'ai fait une scene ouverte.

måndag 12 mars 2012

Spring Kitsch

 Today I'm blogging from yesterdays' lovely photoshoot with Julia Alderin. She's the photograph behind the pictures of me and vice versa. We went down to the riverside, and styled up for our session on the bridge. The light was absolutely stunning, and afterwards we had coffee in my flower cups!

Julia is a huge kitsch fan and dresses up in lovely vintage clothes. Pastel colors, details and lace are her personal favorites. This amazing girl is a visual merchandiser student and the maker of her own  jewelry.

Since the natural light was so good, almost every picture we took turned out really well. Some small edits in Camera Raw/Photoshop and voilà all done!
So today we're celebrating Natural light, Camera Raw (if you're not already shooting in Raw, start now!) and the first day of spring!


All rights reserved. ohmyflowershop.

söndag 4 mars 2012

Soleil de la butte


I'm posting this blog post after a long day out in the spring sun. I feel like I have to update this little flowershop more often, but the winter has been long, dark and cold I don't seem to be able to do what so ever in these conditions. I still hope though, that inspiration will come back with les beaux jours.

I'm very happy to know that people are following this blog, my life and my projects. To update you a bit on the subject I will do my next internship at Paperdolls - the beautiful shop I blogged about a couple of months ago. I'm preparing for some interesting and challenging weeks in Paris in april. (and loads of coffee and croissants)
My music project is slowly progressing and I'm preparing a EP for this autumn together with my band The Flowershop. Francois and Lionel came visiting me in Sweden last week and part from having just a splendid time together we took the time to work on some really nice songs!

An other project that also is starting to take form is Le son du metro. An album featuring 12 buskers from Paris (including myself) that will have it's release this spring. If you find that interesting take a look at the website and listen to the featured artists music.

But, even though the thought of the future can carry me away sometimes I really try to enjoy every second of every day. I hope you do too!

Carpe Diem,

 (ps. Follow me on Instagram: Oaklara)