måndag 12 november 2012

Hopeless Romanic

Sources: first picture & second picture

I am clearly a hopeless romantic, no doubt about that! The amazing photo work of Anna Malmberg (second picture) makes me want to put on my most beautiful dress, put flowers in my hair and go for a long, parisian late evening walk with my Francois.

Here comes a list of the five most romantic things I've done in Paris so far:

- Dancing a slow dance in the spring rain, listening to "My one and only love" by Chet Baker
- Watching fireworks, and the outstanding view of Paris from a rooftop in Montmartre
- Performing at the launch of Her Royal Majesty art magazine, together with F on the piano at the beautiful bar "Le Carmen"
- Having all my friends over to me and Hanna's for Glögg and Pepparkakor (spiced wine and ginger bread) after the first concert with The Flowershop. And it was snowing.
- Eating french petits déjeuners (croissants, chocolatines, fresh fruit from the market, cappuccino from Kooka bura) on my balcony in the 9th among pots of spring flowers and cushions.

I hope the list shall grow longer,
until then I'm going to have a large cup of green tea and some dark chocolate and watch a movie.

Love Ek

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