lördag 26 maj 2012

Wedding inspiration day

Hello dear ones!

Finally I'm back on the blog with some pictures! Time flies... Today I'm posting from the Wedding Inspiration Day last week-end, where I and some girls from school planned and decorated wedding tables at the lovely place Molnbyggen.
The location is ideal for a wedding just by a beautiful lake and with nature around the corner. A calm and "Feng Chui" inspired interior, nice owners and good food.

The theme of the table I did together with Kicki Eriksson were Summer/vintage and nature.
There were also 3 other wedding themes: classic/spring, 70's/automn, rock/winter
Every table also got a dressed bride to go with the theme, and in the end of the day I got a chance to take some photos of them posing for the hired photographer.

Working with styling and decoration must be the best job ever - I could really see myself do that as a living. It was a great experience and hopefully not the last!

Have a great evening,

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