söndag 6 maj 2012

Sigur Ros and album covers

Good evening pearls,

I'm sorry for my recent lack of inspiration when It comes to English writing here on the blog, I promise I'll make an effort so that you all can understand what I'm saying. One day Swedish will be a global language but until then... haha.

Today I've been working on the "Emma-Klara and the flowershop" project, all from the music to my futur album covers! (I know we're not there yet, but one can dream, right?)
It seems as though people think that I should be on the cover but I'm not quite as sure.
I love painted covers, dreamy photographs and beautiful colors. For me the album cover is like work of art. Sometimes I buy records just because of the design and even though I might get disappointed when listening to the music I still have got the pleasure to look at the album cover!
Hopefully people will like both my music and my visual design. My cover inspiration is of course the magnificent Icelandic band Sigur Ros. (see pictures above)

If you have any ideas or comments about my album cover, please leave a word! That would mean a lot to me.

Also saying a big thanks to my dear friend Malin for her help with the band logotype!


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