måndag 12 mars 2012

Spring Kitsch

 Today I'm blogging from yesterdays' lovely photoshoot with Julia Alderin. She's the photograph behind the pictures of me and vice versa. We went down to the riverside, and styled up for our session on the bridge. The light was absolutely stunning, and afterwards we had coffee in my flower cups!

Julia is a huge kitsch fan and dresses up in lovely vintage clothes. Pastel colors, details and lace are her personal favorites. This amazing girl is a visual merchandiser student and the maker of her own  jewelry.

Since the natural light was so good, almost every picture we took turned out really well. Some small edits in Camera Raw/Photoshop and voilà all done!
So today we're celebrating Natural light, Camera Raw (if you're not already shooting in Raw, start now!) and the first day of spring!


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  1. Underbara bilder. Du är så duktig!