söndag 25 mars 2012

Waffle Day

Happy official waffle day!

Give your ears a treat: What a lovely way  -  Doris

Hanna and I took some pictures down by the lake today. great success. I love her dreamy expressions. the light and... my fake flowers. (Ever since Julia Alderin showed me hers, I've slowly fallen in love with them. So my pink (fake) roses assisted me at today's shooting)
After spending some time in the sun with my dearest, we went back to the house where Hanna's mother was making waffles. with fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

Last week in school we finished our windows in the local stores in Leksand, and they turned out really well. It's funny to see the progress we all have made.
This week will be all about our mini fair booths that we've been working on for some weeks now. The presentation will be quite serious with invited teachers and so on. I'll try posting some pictures from that event. If I forget follow me on Instagram - Oaklara, where I share more of what we're doing in school, and my side projects.

Next Wednesday I'll take the train home to my sweet family to celebrate Easter. I feel like I haven't been home for decade... so it's going to be really good coming home before leaving for my three weeks of internship in Paris!

Enjoy every day of spring,

Much love

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  1. Nice pictures as always. Your sweet family is also longing to see you soon.
    Millions of hugs