söndag 5 februari 2012

33 ways to stay creative

This weekend Julia, Martha and her boyfriend Henrik and I went on, what would come to be, the BEST secondhand roadtrip of the year. At the end of the day the car was filled with treasures we'd found and we all came upon really nice things. I bought myself a nice, new hat for only 50kr and a bunch of other nice things I'm sure you will get to see soon.

Yesterday night must have been this winters coldest night: -28 degrees Celsius. I've been inside by the fireplace all day not doing anything really. Me and Hanna had a long, breakfast/brunch this morning with home made scones, and after I played jazz standards on my piano thinking about F.  (Who'll be here in only 2 weeks now) Yey!
I'm looking forward to this week in school - I feel we all have grown closer and I really enjoy myself here.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the author of this amazing list, but who ever you are you just gave me 33 new "rules" to live by.

Have a lovely week,


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