söndag 5 februari 2012

Oseroff Agentur

And voilà, my last favorite from the Formex Fair 2012 - Oseroff Agentur.
As you can see in this picture the Oseroff Agancy works with designers and illustrators who have an eye for color. All from retro wallpaper and colorful lamps to multicolored candlesticks. With focus on ecological thinking they only work with a few, unique brands, to offer a personal and joyful style.

More over, I really liked how they'd created their fair booth - simpe, eye catching and simply adorable.

    Get inspired by birds this year! Aren't these "Russian doll-birdies" lovely?


2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh vad fint! Duktig fotograf gör inspirerande foton <3

  2. Hej Emma-Klara,
    Vilka fina bilder och såå fin text om oss. Stort Tack :)
    och vilken fin sida du har!!

    Allt gott!
    Glad vinterhälsning,
    Oseroff Agentur