söndag 22 januari 2012

I see your true colors

Good evening friends, I hope you've had a lovely week-end. I've been spending mine in Stockholm with my uncle's family and at the FORMEX fair.
For you who don't know : "Formex is the largest interior design fair for nordic design, 850 exhibitors and with 25 000 national and international visitors."

My class had the opportunity to visit this huge event,  and it was very inspiring! I'll be back with pictures - a lot of pictures. I also got to spend such a great time with my family who I don't get to see that often so thanks guys!

Today I'm posting a picture of my Parisian friend Léa. I love her winter style - Suede coat, multi colored scarf with fur, blue leather gloves and a red hand bag. Gorgeous!

Have a great week, drink a lot of tea
and see you soon

oh my flowershop

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