fredag 19 augusti 2011

Fotodokumentation från Leksand

Today is my one week anniversary. I have been living in Leksand for a whole week all ready. the time flies. Everything about this place is just so peaceful. I feel that I have the time to think again, think straight. 

I think both me and Hanna are feeling like home in our little red wodden house. Its' location - close to the nature is the best part. When you are in the garden you can see the river and the boats just a cross the backyard and from our kitchen window we see two islandic horses bathing in the august sun. 

Today I spent the day baking bread for our french visitors who'll arrive tomorrow afternoon. I made rye bread with raisins and figs and twisted baguettes with sesam seeds, sun flower seeds and one with melted cheese. Hanna and I also made black currant lemonade the other day. 
Our landlord let us pick as much raspberries as we want from the garden, so sometimes we run out bare foot in the morning grass to pick a cup of berries for our breakfast sour milk. 
 An other splendid part of living up here is sharing it all with Hanna. 

Yesterday I went out for an other bikeride with my camera and some of the photos of todays post were taken on the country side not far away from home. 
The light was so incredibly intense that I couldn't barely have my eyes open. The beauty of the place was absolutsly overwhelming.
It feels so good when you, once in a while, manege to capture one of these moments with your camera. For photographs is such a good way of keeping memories alive. 

I told myself before leaving Paris that what ever happens, I would make the best out of it. It was not easy to leave Paris, believe me, but I guess that I have grown used to the fact that life moves on and that change is a part of life. When I was younger I tried so hard to fight it, I wanted everything to be as they always had been. But then life happened, and so I accepted it. 
Today I look upon "starting over" as a blessing. Time after time I get the opportunity to examine and ask myself - Who am I? What are my dreams? My good and bad sides? How do I want people to see me?
When leaving a place I also leave behind sides of me that I no longer want, and bring those I've won and learned to cherish into the next life. 
You could almost call it a rebirth.  

I love getting older - you get so much wiser, haha

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