måndag 14 januari 2013

Mariage pour tous - biensûr!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I normally don't talk about politics here on the blog but today I'm making an exception.
Because it seems as though I'm living in a country that is far more conservative than I thought...
Between 300 000-800 000 people from all over France started the year of 2013 by demonstrating against "le mariage pour tous" (A new law that will allow homosexual marriages in France ).
Men and women (with children?) were yesterday walking the streets of paris with blue and pink balloons, repeating words like "France need children, not homosexuals" claiming they weren't homophobes at all but only expressing their feelings.

Seriously we're not even talking church marriages here, so why was the majority of the people demonstrating catholics?
Some months ago I went to a sunday service in a catholic church in Père Lachaise because I don't mind praying together with muslims, catholics or jewish. But when the servant started talking about how we had stick together against the homosexuals to save our country I stood up and left. Because I don't believe that hate, mistrust and segregation bring us any closer to heaven.

Shouldn't everyone have the right to decide whether he wants to get married or not?
Why does it bother you so much MR "I have never actually met an homosexual but it just feels weird" or MME "It's not normal because they can not make babies the normal way and I don't like changing" - well wake up, things are changing and it's a good thing.

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