lördag 12 januari 2013

Ada Ek

Hello friends,

Some of you might remember the recycle project I started last year in Leksand. I used vintage watch dials that I'd bought at a flee market in Geneva, and the extra details I sometimes added came from old jewelry I already had at home. I created a collection of mostly unique earrings that I later sold at the christmas craft market at school.
I never shared the pictures here, and since I sold them all the same day - I wanted to show you them now. Also if the interest is out there I could create a new collection. 

Why Ada Ek?

Ada was my grand fathers grand mother - a true entrepreneur. She created her business in my home town Alingsås, and became a well known, hard working lady. She, and many people in my family, have become a huge inspiration for me. Ek is of course for Emma-Klara which also means Oaktree n swedish and stands as a symbol for nature and recycle. 

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