måndag 3 december 2012


 flower arrangement + styling : dietlind wolf
photos : christine bauer
in print : living at home issue 4/2011

Finally safe back in Sweden after the worse Ryanair experience ever. Had to pay 120 euros extra because I was unable to print my boarding pass at home due to problems on their site. I think I'll go for a 100 euro more expensive Air France ticket the next time to avoid all this trouble. 
Bref, I spent the weekend with the family in Olso visiting my brother Viktor. The weather was coold but sunny, and we had a really lovely time. We also took a guided tour at the amazing Opera house, totally worth it. If you've never been to Oslo - you should definitely save up some money (cause it's also really expensive) and go there! 

Now I'm back home enjoying a free day, it has been snowing all night and the forest is lying quietly under a blanket of white snow. This weather requires tea, wool socks and christmas music!
I'm gonna try using these three weeks to do creative things, writing music and take long walks in the snow so that I can go back to Paris with inspiration and energy for 2013. 

Lots of love from Sweden

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