måndag 8 oktober 2012

Perfect day

Today it's been 24 years since I was born and about 20 years since I first watched this children's movie: "The tale of Peter rabbit and Benjamin bunny" by Beatrix Potter. When I was a child I could replay this ending for hours, I never seemed to grew tired of the pictures or the music. I was so fascinated by the stunning landscape, Beatrix (and the children's) clothes, the blue english teacups, the little rabbit sitting on her desk when she tells her stories.

This movie became a huge inspiration for me and has been ever since. My love for vintage and the early 1900's, the importance of living close to the nature. My tea cup collection and and my creative side were surely inspired by it too. When I was about six years old I got my first little bunny and looking back, it's not hard to figure out where that birthday wish came from?

If you haven't seen the film about Beatrix Potter's life with René Zellweger and Even McGregor in the front roles, watch Miss Potter. She was one of the most inspiring and independent women of her time.

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