fredag 17 augusti 2012

À Paris il faut oser

À Paris il faut oser.

Yes. I just read somewhere on the internet that to make it in Paris you have to dare, take chances, not thinking too much and follow your heart. And I find that so true. If you feel like you're standing still in this never resting city, keep this in mind - À Paris il faut oser. 
Any way, I'm feeling confident and happy today. The weather is perfect and this morning I went swimming in a beautiful public pool not far from where I live. 

The pictures were taken yesterday from my lunch at Coutume. An absolute gorgeous space with a very nice lunch menu. (meals from 4.90 - 13 Euros) 
I had a tomato quiche with a ruccula salade and parmesan, a mango smoothie (divine) and a large cappu for about 16 Euros. Thanks to Amanda for the tip!
After lunch I decided to walk a bit and found out that I was just next to the eiffel tour. It's funny when walking in Paris you discover that the city isn't that big after all. I also passed by le musée de l'armée and got a free ticket (since I'm under 26) and sat down in one of the buildings admiring the great architecture.

 47 rue de babylone
 75007 Paris
 metro: 13, St Francois Xavier


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