torsdag 3 november 2011

Storie and Matthew Rose


"   We’d had enough of buying lots of stuff from faceless stores, of not knowing where things come from, what they are made from, or who made them…. and there seem to be so many creative people out there making great stuff, so we thought why not try to open a shop that tells the stories behind the things it sells. Giving our customers an idea of the provenance of objects, access to talented and skilled crafts people. "

At the moment I am in Paris doing an internship at the art and literature magazine
Her Royal Majesty. Last week we were collecting the art work for the launch of the 11th edition of the magazine and Harriet took me to this lovely store named - Storie where the amazing work of the artist Matthew Rose work was exhibited.
Storie is a shop that sells creative and beautiful things made by people with a story to tell. Creativity and inspiration was already in the air when I got in to the store, so before leaving I had taken photos not only of Matthew Rose's artwork but of the whole boutique. I hope you will enjoy my collages and I encourage you to visit STORIE on

                                                        20 Rue Delambre
                                                        75014, Paris
                                                        +33 1 83 56 01 98

                             Matthew Rose

                                                (the two first photos are from his website)

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