tisdag 4 oktober 2011

Beautiful Ideas For A Wedding

 These lovely pictures come from Green Wedding Shoes and The sweetest Occation

Wedding inspiration? Well yes, my dear friends Julia and Magnus just got engaged (Congratulations to you both!)  so I have to admit that I'm feeling quite wedding inspired at the moment.
   Mint green, lilac purple, soft pink and spring green. I can't get enough of these colors! It is also such a beautiful idea to have the ceremony out doors with a large tree as a witness.

Do you remember my concert bouquets that I did for The Flowershop's concert occasions? The second picture down below gave me ideas for futur ones. Plastic flowers aren't that bad, are they?

I also want to highlight the table decorations in this serie of photos! Books and earth globes, fresh flowers and vintage candlesticks. Stunning!

Done talking! You can now enjoy the photos!

Much love

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