fredag 16 september 2011

THIS WEEK PASSED BY AS THE AUTUMN WIND. But I guess that's because it is so fun to be in school. Before starting I couldn't imagine myself saying that but everyday feels so meaning- and useful. I feel lucky! voilà point. 
Yesterday we went horseback riding with school and today I can barely move one muscle BUT it felt so good to be back on a horse after all these years. Everyone did great, and we even got to ride in the forest after the lesson. I felt like a little girl again. 

Today I'm posting the last pictures from last week-end and from the vintage shop ANDERSSONSKANS KALLE. I went back to buy the beautiful grey coat I had falling in love with, and some other lovely things. I'll be back with photos.

Tomorrow me and some dear friends from school are going to take the train to Borlänge for a shopping saturday. I will be looking for  high waisted, black pants, that shouldn't be to hard, should it?

I also got an e-mail today telling me that one of my photos was nominated for a photo challenge applied for. So exciting!!

Måste sova
men mitt i allt
viskar mina läppar
du är nog ett under

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