torsdag 17 mars 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. 20 degrees, no clouds and sunshine. Both Hanna and I were free so we went to our favourite café to have cappucinos and go get some color on our winter noses. :) My new friend Ross and my dear neigbour Maxime met us up for a chat. Afterwards Max and I went up to Montmartre to search for good places for my photo-shoot with Lionel saturday. In the evening I went to a hillsong discussion meeting with Johanna, at MCdonalds.. funny but very interesting. The day ended with tea and speculoos at my place with Francois and Hanna.
   But.. this morning I woke to an e-mail from my grandmother telling me that a dear family member had passed away. It feels so strange knowing she's gone.  But she got to be among us, healthy and happy for 96 years. I can only wish I'll have the same chance.

This past week I've been realizing how short life is and how easily everything can be taken away from you.  Obviously I'm thinking of Japan and all the people struggling at the moment. But It does give hope knowing that the world wants to help. People are willing to help in their own way - and are showing respect through their creation. 
                       Take a look at: Pictures by Simon Routa & Yohan Colin.

         Life is short my dear friends,  live now.

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