onsdag 2 mars 2011

Beautiful and inspiring pictures by 
                Béatrice Lechtanski

  I have had such a lovely and calm day today. The sun was shining when I woke up wich made me all "spring-exited". I put on my new marine blue dress with white dots from Oysho and went down to my favourite café Kooka Burra on rue des martyrs. I just sat there for hours working with my photos, drinking three excellent capuccinos.    
  While dreaming around from blog to blog I suddenly felt so inspired that I went buying flowers a cross the street. Ended up at my place, put on some smooth jazzy music and started to create flower pots for my new primulas. I'll blog the result as soon as I can
  I let my inspiration carry me away cause at five o'clock Francois called me and wondered where I was. So I left my work, jumped on my bicycle I went to Jaurès and MK cinéma. 
To everyone who has not seen - True Gri, I encourage you to go and see it, tonight! 
And to the Coen brothers I can just say "Bravo Messieurs" and cheers to art and creation!

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